The Aldi experiment–part 2

12 Apr

Earlier this year, my family conducted a six-week experiment where we shopped at Aldi every week. Except for a few specific items, everything we bought had to come from that store. We put the savings into a family fun envelope each week and, over the course of the six weeks, tried to save as much money as possible. (We wound up saving $125 during that time frame; we still have $100 left. We’re cheap.)  So, my husband and I got to thinking: What if we tried it again? Knowing what we know, would we be more or less successful?

Well, we’re not sure. So we’re giving it another try. For the next 30 days (inspired by Morgan Spurlock), we are going to exclusively shop at Aldi, except for a few items that we know we cannot purchase there: my daughter’s afterschool juice, organic milk and yogurt and my veggie protein substitutes. We’re also hoping to add another wrinkle–we’re hoping you’ll join us!

For those of you with an Aldi within a reasonable distance, we’re asking you to join us in this experiment.  It’s up to you to decide your own rules and what you want to do with the savings. You can decide if you’ll only buy snacks or produce. You can decide to save the money or give it away to charity. Whatever you want; it’s your choice.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Aldi, here are the basics:

  • You must bring a quarter in order to get a wagon. When you return the wagon, you get your quarter back.
  • You must bring your own bags. Aldi does sell bags if you need them, but it is much easier to bring your own.
  • You must pay by debit card, cash or food stamps. Aldi does not accept credit cards. I’m not sure about checks.
  • Aldi does not accept coupons. The prices are low enough where you do not need them. Trust me on this.
  • Aldi usually does not carry name brands; most of the foods are their own private label. And the food is good. Trust me on this, too.

So, there is it. If you do participate, come back every Monday for the next 4 weeks and post a link to your blog (just please make sure you have a post detailing your participation for the week). If you don’t participate, come back every Monday to see how my family did; maybe we’ll inspire you to give it a try when you’re ready. Whatever you choose, let’s see how much money we can all save together!

(And I will be tying this to the recipe question I posed last week. I will make every recipe that is submitted and I will be buying as many ingredients as possible at Aldi. I promise.)


4 Responses to “The Aldi experiment–part 2”

  1. Hilary April 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    I wish we had an Aldi where I live. I hear they’re branching out to Texas, but I doubt Dripping Springs is on the list of future cities, lol.

  2. Rob June 20, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    I switched to shopping at aldi. I find the quality to be the same our better than brand name food, with a few exceptions. I usually buy raw ingredients like diced tomato, frozen corn, dry beans and we have saved a lot and quality had home up I’d say


  1. The Aldi Experiment, part 2–an update « The Empty Kitchen - April 27, 2010

    […] a comment Go to comments Two weeks ago, I boldly announced that my family would be embarking on part two of our Aldi experiment that was conducted earlier this year. I also boldly announced that I would be updating our progress […]

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