Things I learned from daughter’s surgery

21 Jul

My daughter’s adenoidectomy today taught me many things (besides the fact that adenoids are among the numerous body parts we can live without. I actually find it a little disturbing how many body parts we don’t need):

  1. Red popsicle juice mixed with spit looks like blood.
  2. Apple juice is a magic elixer.
  3. Ice cream is a liquid.
  4. A child is capable of subsisting solely on Jello and juice.
  5. Doctors are Pedialyte pushers.
  6. Hospital food in a children’s hospital is far superior to that of a regular hospital.
  7. It is also less expensive.
  8. I bought way more Jello than I need.
  9. Getting dishes and silverware in the mail is actually quite exciting, even when they’re not for me.
  10. A child will eat anything if you tell her it is cherry flavored.

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