I heart the internet

17 Aug

The internet rules. There is nothing I can’t find on the internet. I can find everything from the practical to the might-be-useful to the so-obscure-no one-should-ever-need-this information. I think it’s awesome that I can work, write, find job and money advice, shop for a new laptop, read the news, attend a college reunion via Facebook, look up a recipe, listen to music, watch a how-to video for making a blanket and buy clothes all without leaving my couch. The internet is a hermit’s paradise. Since I am slowly becoming a hermit, this paradise is working out quite well for me. 

What I love even more about the internet, besides its ability to give me instant information (provided my connection stays intact or my laptop doesn’t freeze) while maintaining my hermit status, is the fact that there is not a single question I have that goes unanswered.  For instance: How many deductions can I take? What movie was that guy in?  Is there a recipe for all of these overripe figs?  Where can I find all the useless information I could ever possibly need? What is the shelf life of cumin? I can find the answer to all of these questions, and thousands more,  just by connecting to the internet.

I would probably not be the cook I am today if not for my internet connection. The internet is filled with so many cooking and food resources that I have obtained what is essentially a culinary education, all without leaving my house. For cooking classes, I turn to YouTube’s instructional videos. For textbook resources, there’s mega-site All Recipes as well as  blogs like the Post Punk Kitchen and Hungry Girl.  To learn to cook on a budget, $5 Dinners has been an academic advisor.  And of course, Cake Wrecks is the class clown.

Having all of these resources available has made learning to cook an easy endeavor for a person like me. I’m a fairly self-conscious person, and I’m not exactly the most outgoing person in the world, so taking cooking classes is a pretty daunting task. It’s also hard to find the time for classes; the internet provides a wonderful asynchronous environment for me to learn. As most of my learning is hands-on, having the flexibility to take a shower (or at the very least, hose off) when something goes awry is helpful. Plus, I can leave the kitchen to use the bathroom or take a phone call without anyone looking at me like I’m the devil. I like that.

Although I am in my 30s, I can remember when I had to use the library to get information, write actual letters and use a stamp, tape songs from the radio, watch TV shows when they came on or remember to set the VCR, and read an actual newspaper for comics and sports scores. It was a simpler time back in 1990/91–back when Kirk Cameron was Mike Seaver and not a poster child for evangelism; back when the cast of the Real World had actual jobs; back when Ice Ice Baby ruled the radio; and back when everyone had Hypercolor t-shirts and/or Hammer pants.  Some days I long for the simplicity of my youth. But while nostalgia’s fine, the internet is better. And I heart the internet.

True love


3 Responses to “I heart the internet”

  1. Janna's Keeping it Real! August 23, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    you know what i heart? you’re mad art skillllz. i have one of my own works of art coming up in my next “RPFMP” post…so keep an eye out for it.
    i’m serious when i say we are long lost sisters…this is nuts! haha

  2. theemptykitchen August 23, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    my art skills are enviable. that’s true.

    and i think it’s also true that we might be long lost sisters. we need to harness this power for mostly good and only a little evil. i know! we can start a jana/janna revolution! how kick ass would that be?

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