2011 Coupon Challenge: Week 1 breakdown

25 Jan

My first week of couponing was both a success and a failure. It was a success in that I remembered to print and use coupons. It was a success in that I learned that I am equidistant from 2 Rite Aids; it was a failure in that I learned the hard way they have different sales (I suppose that could also be construed as a success). It was a failure in that I did a poor job of planning my shopping around sales and coupons. I stuck to my rule of buying what I needed but I probably could have planned a lot better and saved even more money.

Here’s what happened:

Walgreen’s–I bought hand soap, tissues, gum and a Snickers for $9.96. I saved $11.25, thanks to sales and coupons. I now have a nice stockpile of hand soap and tissues.

Rite Aid–I spent approximately $33 on shampoo and conditioner, eye makeup remover, mascara, deodorant, face soap and something else that I can’t remember (and I somehow managed to lose the receipt to check). However, I was able to use an internet coupon for the shampoo and conditioner, I earned a $20 rewards gift card and an additional $3 is +Up rewards for the deodorant. The deodorant was actually my score of the week. I use Tom’s, and it was on sale for $3.99 (down from $5.99). By purchasing it, I got the $3 +Up reward, which actually made it $.99! So, while I spent $33, I got back $23, which means it evens out to $10 spent. That’s not too shabby!

I won't smell and I saved money!

For my first week, I’m pretty proud of how I did. I’m nowhere near spending pennies on the dollar or getting things for free but I’m happy with my progress so far. Today was an indicator that I’m starting to get into the habit of couponing. How? Well, I need food for my feral cat and I have a coupon for $1 off Friskies dry cat food. When I went to the pet store to buy the dry food, I noticed that they didn’t have the brand I have a coupon for. Even though it would have been easier to just buy the cat food while I was at the pet store, I decided to take my coupon and go somewhere else (I’ll post the deal next week during my Week 2 breakdown since I haven’t bought the food yet).

They say that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. I think I’m getting there!


5 Responses to “2011 Coupon Challenge: Week 1 breakdown”

  1. redwagon January 26, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    I did well my first week, but haven’t seen any good deals to try since, so I’ve been doing my usual spending. Well, other than my Target cat food haul. But for human stuff, not a lot going on lately, it seems. But we can do it!

    • theemptykitchen January 26, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

      i’m confident in us! we can coupon! we can save money!

  2. Jaimee January 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    This is in response to your choice of deoderant. Marisa told me you had written a post on deoderant but I can’t find it so I’m going to comment here.

    I also wanted to move towards a natural deoderant and have been using Tom’s Crystal Confidence which works okay. So I googled “best natural deoderant” and came across a bunch of blogs that shared recipes. I was a bit skeptical but I kept seeing the same recipe with many positive responses. So needless to say, I tried it and love it!

    The recipe is:
    1/4 baking soda
    1/4 corn starch
    5 tbsp coconut oil (its an anti bacterial so kills odor, plus Dr. Oz says it’s good for your skin)

    It comes out softer than the stick but thicker than a lotion so I just use my hand.

    Here is a blog that has a video:


    (I don’t know the rules of posting other blogs, hopefully that’s okay!)

    I thought I’d share!

    • theemptykitchen January 31, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

      thanks, jaimee! i have never, ever thought about making my own deodorant. i’ll have to give it a try!

      • Jaimee January 31, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

        It also has a nice coconut smell, which I think is a plus.

        She also told me you make some of your own cleaning supplies, I’d love to hear some! I’m sorry it’s a little off topic of food, but I guess cleaning goes with the kitchen!

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