2011 Coupon Challenge: Week 2 Recap

1 Feb

I don’t have much of a recap for this week since I didn’t buy too much. Even though I didn’t buy much or have a large amount of savings to report, I did learn some things this week:

  1. Expired coupons sometimes work. I visited my parents this past weekend and they live near the world’s greatest drug store and I have to go there every time I visit.  My mom gave me a $5 off coupon that had expired 2 months prior but guess what happened? They accepted it!!!
  2. I’m starting to hate to pay full price for products. I will still buy something my family needs even without a coupon but it irks me to do so.  When my husband and I went to World’s Greatest Drug Store, we found our favorite face soap, which is next to impossible to find near our house. We bought two of them even though there was no coupon but the whole time I kept thinking how I had to go to the manufacturer’s website when I got home to look for coupons (which reminds me, I need to do that…)
  3. I really need to check my supermarket’s coupon policy. I thought it doubled coupons up to $.99 but when my husband went to buy cat food, only the $1 off was on the receipt. The cat food was on sale for $4.49, I had a coupon for $1 off and with the doubling, it would have been $2.50 for a 3 ½ pound bag of cat food.  I thought I was getting a superawesome deal but it wound up being $3.49. Still a good deal but not quite good enough.
  4. I desperately need a coupon organizer. Not one of the fancy ones that you see on the Krazy Coupon Lady, but a small one because the haphazard system I have is just not working for me. So I bought one at the Dollar Tree near my work. $1 to help me organize to save money. It’s an investment.

Mine is not this pretty.

All of this puts Week 2 in the books. I saved $6 using coupons; $5 if you deduct the money spent on the organizer. Not too much money but the lessons learned are priceless.


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