The Lunch Project

I recently came across an absolutely spectacular blog: The premise of this blog is simple: a public school teacher has committed herself to eating school lunches (almost) every day in 2010 to bring awareness to the crap that schools are feeding kids.

As a parent, I’m grateful for this teacher and this blog. I have made a committment that, if possible, I will pack my daughter’s lunch every day. I don’t care how busy I am or what our budget it, I will always find time and money to make sure that she has a healthy lunch during the day. I recognize that I am lucky to be able to make that resolution; many parents do not have that ability.

Many parents rely on the food provided by the schools and for many kids, the meals provided at school are the only ones they receive during the day (program like Backpacks for Kids assist for the weekends). Right or wrong, it’s a fact. I 100% agree with this woman’s crusade to heighten awareness of the food that’s served in our schools. Every child deserves to have a healthy diet. And the schools really need to step up their participation in providing a healthy diet; eliminating vending machines are a start but they need to do more.

Unfortunately, I can’t force schools to change their policies. I can, however, teach parents how to provide their children healthy lunches even on the strictest and smallest of budgets and in the  most time-pressed situations. Part of the purpose of this blog is to teach people how to cook. What better way to start learning than with our children’s lunches? 

So, inspired by Mrs. Q at Fed Up With School Lunch, the Empty Kitchen is embarking on the challenge of creating healthy, inexpensive, quick, easy and tasty lunches so that parents of any economic situation can provide an alternative to school lunches. Until parents stop allowing their children to eat those meals, the schools will not change.


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