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Fantastic Product Friday: Something funny

3 Jun

One of my favorite activities is laughing. I love to laugh. I love movies, people, songs…pretty much anything that makes me laugh. While eating my lunch today, which was already pretty perfect given the $.99 iced tea I was drinking, the beautiful weather outside, power ballad Friday on a local radio station and just getting back from cashing some birthday money, I was reading the Huffington Post and came across this slideshow (warning: if you support Sarah Palin in a political capacity at all, don’t read it). The highlight was this:

I nearly spit my salad on my computer screen after I read this. Sarah Palin, you might be a political idiot but you are a comic genuis.


Fantastic Product Friday: Coffee Crisp

27 May

For some reason that I can’t explain, I am drawn to things from Canada. My favorite band is from Canada. Some of my favorite actors are from Canada. My most memorable  road trip was to Canada. My grandparents are from Canada. And, the best candy in the world (save for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) are from Canada. Which leads me to today’s fantastic product–Coffee Crisps.

If you have never had one of these delightful chocolates, do it. Now. Either take a trip to Canada or search Google for them and order them or find a friend who lives in Canada and have her send them to you (I have done this. This is the most effective method). And don’t be fooled by the name; there really isn’t that much of a coffee flavor to them (given how much I hate coffee, this is a good thing). They are a crunch, chocolatey bar of goodness–sort of like a slightly coffee flavored giant Kit Kat but 1000 times better than a Kit Kat. Plus, they are peanut free, so even those with severe allergies can partake of this bit of Canadian goodness. To put it another way, they are the Ryan Reynolds of candy.

The tag line for Coffee Crisps is “it makes a nice light snack”. The tag line should be “It make a damn good snack so go out and by one now. You know you want to”.

Fantastic Product Friday: Sabra hummus

20 May

I love hummus. I love how versatile it is and I love all the different flavors. I’ve even written about hummus before. But it bears a second mention, particularly because of today’s fantastic product–Sabra hummus.

My mouth waters just looking at the picture

Sabra hummus is perhaps one of the most delicious and wonderful products available in the supermarket. It has a flavor and taste that no other hummus possesses. It has the perfect texture, the right balance of spices and never lasts more than 3 days in my house. Those gigantic tubs from BJs? Those last about a week.  

I try to make a lot of convenience foods myself. I’ve tried to make hummus. It didn’t work. I think this is due to the fact that my taste buds have been spoiled by Sabra and everything else tastes like a sad mockery of Sabra’s deliciousness. And you know what? I’m OK with that.

If you haven’t tried this hummus, do it soon. If you have tried it, what’s your favorite flavor (mine is the supremely spicy)?

Fantastic Product Friday: Baking soda

13 May

I love products that are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, nontoxic,  odorless (unless they’re supposed to have a smell, like candles)and have multiple functions. That’s why today’s fantastic product is…baking soda!

There are so many ways to use baking soda:

  • In baked goods
  • Cleaning agent (my tubs are never so clean as when they are scrubbed with a paste of baking soda)
  • Odor absorber
  • Hygiene product

As I am just starting to use baking soda regularly, these are just the uses I know of. For more detailed examples, I found these:

For the record, I do find it odd that baking soda serves all these purposes and is still acceptable for food. But for about $0.50 per box, I’m not going to complain!

Fantastic Product Friday: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

6 May

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. If that’s true, then there’s no need for a lengthy explanation of today’s fantastic product:

Best candy. Ever.

Fantastic Product Friday: Seventh Generation dish detergent

22 Apr

Since today is Earth Day, today’s fantastic product is Seventh Generation dishwashing detergent.

My family tries to be as environmentally conscious as we can, and we began using ecofriendly dish detergent several years ago. Unfortunately our dishes never got quite as clean as we would have liked. There were always those little annoying spots that said “yes, they tried to clean me and they almost did!” It was embarrassing as well.

Then I heard about Seventh Generation. I was hesitant at first, because that’s how I always am when I hear about a new product. Then I saw a review at Keeper of the Home of the Seventh Generation laundry detergent and I figured why not give the dish detergent a try (I’m working my way to the laundry detergent. For now, All free and clear will do the trick)? I did and my dishes have never been so clean! The spots are gone and when I wash my dishes, I am confident that I am not washing (as many) chemicals down the drain. Clean dishes, clean conscience. It’s a winning combination!

Oh, and before I forget, I do use some  homemade, Earth-friendly cleaners as well. I’ll discuss those in another post.

What Earth-friendly products do you use?

Fantastic Product Friday: Magic Eraser

1 Apr

The Magic Eraser. Have you used this amazing product yet? If you have not, go out this weekend and pick one up. I promise you will not be disappointed.

I can’t remember exactly when the Magic Eraser entered my life but I’m sure it was a glorious day filled with rainbows and unicorns and confetti and cupcakes. I seriously have no idea what I used to do to remove stains from my walls, my floors, my ceiling (yes, the ceiling. There was an unfortunate incident with tomato sauce), my countertops, my bathtub…everything. This little spongelike eraser even removes nonwashable crayon! It is, next to my water and vinegar solution and my Seventh Generation dishwashing detergent, my favorite cleaning product that I have.

They’re inexpensive, too. I think it’s about $3 or $4 for a box of 4 erasers. Totally well worth it, too, because not only do they remove pretty much every imaginable stain, they last a while. And, although I pretty much stick to the original product, there are ones specific for the kitchen and the bathroom and there is an extra-strength version! There’s even a website for the Magic Eraser:

I want to kiss Mr. Clean’s big, shiny bald head for distributing the Magic Eraser. Now, if he would just come out with a magic eraser for clothing stains, I’d be set!

Have you used the Magic Eraser? What do you think?

Fantastic Product Friday: Bradley Cooper

18 Mar

Today’s fantastic product is:

Bradley Cooper!

Please don’t tell me he’s not a product. Because he is–he is a fantastic product of genetics.  And as far as the qualifier that Fantastic Product Friday is supposed to be about things I would use around the house? Let’s just say that, if given the chance, I’d absolutely use him around my house (as my mom and dad read this blog, let’s leave the how i’d use him part alone).

Fantastic product Friday: Shout Wipes

11 Mar

In an effort to start blogging on a quasi-regular schedule, I am instituting Fantastic product Friday. This is a feature where I will share some of my favorite products for the kitchen and around the house. If you have a product you would like me to try out, please feel free to contact me. If you have a favorite product you’d like to rave about, guest bloggers are welcomed!

I cannot eat without dropping food on myself. While eating my lunch today, I dropped an onion ring in my lap, an onion ring on my shirt and ketchup on my cami. I’m not worried about the stains, though. Why? Because of these:

Wonderful stain removing goodness right in my pocket.

Next to my KitchenAid mixer, these are my favorite product that I own. Many of my clothes (and my daughter’s clothes and even stranger’s clothes) have been salvaged by these wonderful little stain removers. If you don’t keep them in your purse or wallet or car or wherever, run out right now and get some. I think they’re $1 or so for a package of 4 at Target.  A nominal price to pay for stain removal and clothing salvage.

Have you used Shout wipes? Or are you more a of a Tide To Go kind of person?

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