Happy Mother’s Day!

8 May

Happy Mother’s Day!

By my definition, if you are the mother to any being, human, animal, reptile or fish, you get to celebrate today. I hope that you have a day filled with no errands, no laundry, no dishes and most of all, no cooking!


2 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Robyn Berman May 13, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    1. Thank you… being a Mommy to my two delicious canines that truly are my babies, (and that easily outweigh your one human by at least 4:1!!)does not come without work.
    Note: I am in NO WAY comparing taking care of my pups to that of taking care of a child!!

    2. When I called to wish your Mom a happy Mother’s Day, I busted her doing all of the no-no’s on your list! I said, didn’t you see your daughter’s blog today??? She said no, not yet… so I promptly read it to her and she got a good chuckle. And then I repeated, stop cooking, cleaning and doing laundry!!! Somehow I don’t think it mattered. And just try it with your Dad on Father’s Day… HA!

    • theemptykitchen May 13, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

      my mom has a severe problem with laundry. i have yet to figure out how two people generate that amount of laundry!

      and as a mom to two dogs, i will concur that raising dogs definitely comes with its own challenges.

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